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SBN Awards

The Sports Blog Nation had its voting of the major baseball awards right after the regular season.  Each site was given two ballots and could only vote for the winners in their respective league - ours being the National League, of course.  

Wiggins and I were the voters representing FishStripes.  It is entirely possible that we are the least knowledgeable representatives of the site: but someone had to vote.

The schedule for the SBN blogger awards are the following:

Nov. 1, AL & NL Rookie of the Year

Nov. 2, AL & NL Manager of the Year

Nov. 3, AL & NL Cy Young award

Nov. 6, AL MVP award

Nov. 7, NL MVP award

Now, I'm suppose to release the results at 12:00 p.m. on the respective day but there ain't no way on this stinking planet that is going to happen.  The reason being: it's called a day job.  I will be able to get them to you sometime, hopefully, in the early evening.