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Vargas Coming Around?

Jason is off to a decent start this winter.

Jason Vargas pitched two hitless innings and struck out three in his appearance for Escogido of the DWL on Friday.
Due mostly to wildness, Vargas was a major disappointment in 2006. Not only did he have a 7.33 ERA in five starts and seven relief appearances in the majors, he actually finished at 7.43 in his 13 starts at Triple-A Albuquerque. He should yet have a future in a major league rotation, but his next opportunity with the Marlins may come as a reliever.

The winter numbers aren't statistically significant at this point - but it is good to see a ray of hope.

I was never one to christen Vargas as the next left-handed stalwart of the rotation after the 2005 season.  Nor I am I one who has given up hope on the young man after the 2006 season.

Hopefully he will find his niche in the game - whether that is as a starter or reliever.  In case you were wondering, DWL stands for the Dominican Winter League.  If you would like to lookup his stats, they are on this site.  Or at least I think that is the correct site. My Spanish fails me from time to time.