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Hometown Hero to be Honored

Oogie's hometown is set to honor one of their own.

To show appreciation for the many times that Uggla brought recognition to his home of Columbia, The City of Columbia will have "Daniel Uggla Day" on Thursday, Nov. 2.

"Daniel had such a remarkable season," said Columbia vice-mayor Wayne Kennedy. "He has brought so much positive attention to our city with his accomplishments in professional baseball.

"We thought it would in some way show him our appreciation for how he has handled himself both on and off the field."


Uggla is a strong candidate for the National League Rookie of the Year award as selected by the MLB Baseball Writers Association. The winner will be announced in early November.

Congrats Danny!  

We can do a little better than "early November" for the announcement of the award.  The NL Rookie of the Year will be announced on November 13.

Here is the complete schedule for handing out the awards:

Nov. 13, NL & AL Rookie of the Year

Nov. 14, NL Cy Young award

Nov. 15, NL & AL Manager of the Year

Nov. 16, AL Cy Young award

Nov. 20, NL MVP award

Nov. 21, AL MVP award.