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LDS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Day One)

Welcome to the playoff version of Ichthyomancy.

And you thought Ichthyomancy was over for the season - not hardly.  There are some differences: you will be picking the winner of every game played on that day.  In addition, you will make an AAB and player pick for the evening game - it makes it a little easier to verify.

You are not required to make a pick for every game.  In other words, if your schedule only permits you to just make picks for the night game, that will be fine.

The playoff version is for fun, that is unless, Wiggins can reach into his big bag-o-prizes and produce a suitable reward.  If he can, I will start tabulating the points.

The games for today:

Game One: Oakland (Zito) at Minnesota (Santana), 1:05 p.m.

Game Two: St. Louis (Carpenter) at San Diego (Peavy), 4:05 p.m.

Game Three: Detroit (Robertson) at NY Yankees (Wang), 8:05 p.m.

Your name will be added to the table when you make your picks.

Here is today's Ichthyomancy pick table:

FishStriper OAK @ MIN STL @ SD DET @ NYY Player AAB
Brickell MIN SD NYY A-Rod Damon: 3 R
Colombo DET Casey Tigers R=2x Yanks R
Dan MIN SD NYY Abreu A-Rod: 3+ H
Dr F MIN SD DET Casey Wang: IP< 5
MistaRaggy MIN SD DET Granderson Tigers+Yanks: 7+ R

Best of Luck to Everyone!