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Girardi Fired

Nothing like being late to the dance but Fishfan24 had me covered with his diary post.

As expected, Joe won't be returning to the team next season.

Unable to get on the same page with first-year manager Joe Girardi, the Marlins turned it.


The Marlins are responsible for the remaining two years of Girardi's contract, believed to be worth about $1.5 million. If another team hires him, Girardi's new salary would be subtracted from the Marlins' obligation. At a minimum, the Marlins likely will owe Girardi another $500,000 through 2008.


Afterward, Girardi spoke to the media for more than 30 minutes. He led a rookie-laden team with a $16.4 million season-ending, on-field payroll to a 78-84 record. He is a heavy favorite to win National League Manager of the Year. His players adored him.

Yet Girardi resisted whatever temptation he might have had to launch a few salvos in the direction of the front office. Girardi made a classy exit, even thanking owner Jeffrey Loria for giving him the opportunity.


The Marlins had enough of what they deemed Girardi's autocratic approach to managing. Beinfest reiterated Tuesday he thought Girardi did fine work on the field and in the clubhouse, where he created a winning culture.

But problems arose between Girardi and just about everyone in the organization who didn't wear a uniform. Even some of the Marlins' most docile and long-time employees found Girardi difficult.

Joe was great with the players and by all accounts, all season long, they loved playing for him.

But the organization does need to have some sort of functionality.  Since the problems have reached an impasse for whatever reason: you can't fire the whole front office, so the manager goes.

Good Luck in the Future Joe!