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World Series TV Ratings

The television ratings for the World Series, thus far, haven't been exactly stellar.  But I don't think the ratings themselves tell the whole story.

Through three games, this year's World Series has the lowest average ratings in history with a 9.9 national rating and a 17 share, meaning just one in six televisions in use nationwide have been tuned to the Fox broadcasts. That's down 7 percent from the previous low, set last fall.

Detroit Tigers closer Todd Jones said Wednesday he knows why.

''New York, New York,'' he said, blaming the dismal ratings on the fact the Subway Series network officials clearly wanted didn't materialize.

If the two New York teams had made to the Series, I doubt it would have increased the ratings that much.  Maybe a little, but that would be about it.

I'm not sure the Series is any less popular today than it has been in the last few years.  The World Series is winning its time slot every night.  The reduction in ratings is probably due to more options being available to consumer.  Not to mention that those ratings do not take in to account the number of people watching the game per television set.  I know I watched game three from a communal Hi-Def television set (read lounge) with many interested individuals.  And I'm guessing others across the nation did so too.  Not to mention dorm rooms, gatherings of friends, the Tivo and VCR factor, among others.

No one knows for sure how many people have been watching the games.  But as long as it continues to win the time slot and the majority of viewers are in the preferred demographic, which they are, the game will continue to be a favorite and bring in the big bucks.

Also, the series ratings increase as the number of games increase.  But I imagine that the rain is not helping.