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Detroit may have 'em right where they want 'em

I have seen this movie before.

Granted it is a remake, so the authors may change the ending.  But up until this point, it is very similar.

Let's take you back to the 1997 World Series and one you won't need much of a refresher.  The Marlins split the first two games at home and then headed to Cleveland.

Nothing special about that, a lot of series have started the same way. But this isn't were the similarities to the 1997 series end - nay, it's where they begin.

(Last night was) the coldest World Series game since Game 4 of 1997 at Cleveland.

The temperature at game time was 43, five degrees higher than that Florida-Cleveland game, and one degree colder than Game 2 in Detroit on Sunday.

The Marlins, unsurprisingly, lost that game by the largest deficit of the series, 10-3.  The Fish, however, did win two of three while in Cleveland so if the new movie is to roughly follow the original the Tigers need to take the next two.

But there is more.  When Zumaya threw, oh...I don't know, about six-feet wide of third base in the 7th, I knew I had seen this before.

It was the third error in three games by a Detroit pitcher, equaling a World Series record accomplished six times previous, most recently by the 1997 Florida Marlins, managed by Jim Leland, now the Tigers manager.

So let's see: the Tigers have the same manager and general manager as the Marlins did in 1997.  They couldn't win one of the coldest games in recorded World Series history and they have now equaled a dubious record.

Yes, everything is setting up perfectly.

Leland has a strange way of going about winning World Series titles.