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May not need to acquire a Center Fielder after all

The Marlins have a farm hand who is tearing up the Arizona Fall League.

This from the Baseball Prospectus.

OF Brett Carroll, Peoria Javelinas (Arizona Fall League, Marlins)

In my Arizona Fall League preview, I didn't have much good to say about Carroll, which quickly elicited some responses from scouts who insisted I swung and missed on him. Carroll hit .236/.313/.420 this year while reaching Double-A, with 17 home runs as the only plus skill offensively. Working in Carroll's favor is his ability to play all three outfield positions, as well as an arm that is the best in the system. At 24, Carroll's offensive clock is ticking, but he's off to a solid start in Arizona, batting .394 in seven games with three home runs. The Marlins system is relatively bare after this year's rookie-fest, so Carroll could be a bit of a sleeper.

Don't know about the Marlins system being relatively bare, but Carroll is doing a number in the Fall League.

Carroll: .394/.412/.727

Granted that was all done in only 33 AB but in that time he also has 11 RBI.

Talk about coming out of no where.  Maybe the young man has found his game.