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Look Again Player of the Year

MLB is having a contest for something they call the "Look Again Player of the Year".

Basically it is a fan voting contest for the most under appreciated player who contributed a lot to help the team win.

The Marlins entry is Wes Helms.  If you feel like voting for Wes and believe me, he will need your votes to make a decent showing.  All you have to do is go the following and log your support:

Look Again Player of the Year

It's not that Wes doesn't deserve the award but each team has a dog in the hunt and Helms is a Marlin, at least for now.  Being a Marlin he probably isn't going to get many votes given the size of the team's fan base.

So if you have a few seconds, it couldn't hurt to help him at least look respectable when the final votes are tabulated.