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Waiting on the Series - Open Thread

I'm sure I will choose the non-Marlins team to root for the same way I always do: cheer for the team with the most former Marlins.

In this case, that would be Detroit.  But this causes me a dilemma since I am sick of the AL winning the World Series.  Let me clarify that: I don't begrudge the recent AL teams their victories.  I am just sick of listening to sports announcers and reading sports writers harping on how superior the AL is to the NL. So a NL win might shut them up for a little while and that would be sweet.

But I'm not anywhere near close to being a fan of the Cardinals and  the Tigers, historically, I'm indifferent.  So I guess I will fall back to the normal way of doing things - who has the most former Marlins.

Go Tigers!

This is an Open Thread.