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Girardi's Fate on Tuesday

Whatever happens with Girardi will most likely happen on Tuesday.

The season finale came and went Sunday afternoon for the Marlins, and there was still no definitive word on Joe Girardi's managerial future.


At 9 a.m. ET on Tuesday morning, Girardi will meet with Marlins management. received strong indications from sources on Sunday that Girardi will be dismissed at that time, and the team will turn quickly to Braves third-base coach Fredi Gonzalez as its first choice to be the next manager.

Gonzalez, who grew up in Miami, was Florida's third-base coach from 1999-2001, and he previously managed in the organization's Minor League system. He is regarded as the clear favorite to land the job, and a deal to secure him as manager could be finalized over the next few days.

The reason the meeting will not happen until Tuesday is:

Monday is Yom Kippur and the Marlins are not expected to conduct any business that day.

"I'm going to observe the holiday Monday, and I know David Samson [team president] and Jeffrey are as well," Beinfest said. "I'm not sure there will be any business conducted on Monday."

You can read the article, if you wish, but the most telling thing to me was this quote from Beinfest, who in all fairness did praise Girardi in the piece.

Asked how important it is for the general manager and manager to work together on major decisions, Beinfest said: "It's important."

Unless something happens in the meeting, which up to this point, hasn't happened before, expect Girardi to be gone.