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Ichthyomancy declares a Champion

Congratulations to Dr F on winning the 2006 Ichthyomancy Championship.

Colombo was in the lead for most of the season and I suspect if the season was 165 games instead of 162 he would have regained the lead.  But there are only 162 games in baseball and Dr F used an attendance pick in the next to last game of the year to propel himself into the lead for good.

Double B once again made a very strong showing, as did Fluxuation and HadMatter.

Most likely everyone is fortunate that last year's winner, Carolina, decided to drop out the contest early.  Apparently one title is good enough for her.

There is a new up and comer in the form of MistaRaggy.  He joined the game late but proved quite adept at the art of reading fish guts.

On a personal note: I would like to thank everyone who participated in Ichthyomancy.  Your involvement makes this a very special place.   And I thank you all.

Oh, Dr F, as to your prize: I think Wiggins absconded with it. I need to get in touch with him. I will let you know very soon.