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Yesterday, I posed the question: Will MLB ever run out of things to license?

Well, I got my answer and it is: Apparently, No!

Starting next season, fans of the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers will be able to have their ashes put in an urn or head six feet under in a casket emblazoned with their team colors and insignia.

MLB has entered a licensing agreement with Eternal Image, which hopes to eventually make urns and caskets for all 30 teams. The company also hopes to have similar agreements with NASCAR, the NHL and the NFL, but baseball was the first to sign on.

Oh, why am I not surprised to that MLB was the first to sign on.

I went to Eternal Image's website to see if they had a time table as to when we could expect to see a Marlins final resting container.  Unfortunately, their site didn't contain that information or much other for that matter.

I did learn, however, that their stock is presently trading at $0.0016.  I'm not sure the company will be in business long enough to produce a product with the Marlins logo on it.

I am almost scared to guess what MLB will license next.  If you are braver than I, and most assuredly you are, take your best shot.