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Oh Joy - the Off-Season

Yesterday new manager Fredi Gonzalez did a question and answer session with Joe Frisaro.  If you would like to read it is here:

Fredi speaks

I'm sure he will become more adept at the interview process as his career proceeds.  Not that he did poorly but young managers tend to become slicker with the process with experience.

But what struck me most about the interview, wasn't Fredi's performance, it was: that was the only thing to be found about the Marlins via a news search.  Which means one thing, and only one thing: it's the off-season. <sarcasm>Oh Joy!</sarcasm&gt.  Therefore when the Marlins aren't in the news, I will have to come up with something original.

Fair enough - I signed on for this gig.  But now comes the tricky part.  Oy.