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Ruby Slippers - Well, No.

Just in time for Halloween Christmas you can purchase your very own designer Marlins footwear.

Major League Baseball Properties is joining with licensee Reebok International, the MLB Authentic Collection official supplier of footwear, to give fans the opportunity to design customized footwear with their favorite Major League Baseball Club logos and colors. The new platform, which launched today, marks the first time that MLB licensed shoes can be customized online.

Fans visiting the site,, can customize every inch of their shoes - from the tongues to the soles. Design options include: multiple team logo options, including current and vintage marks and designs; 16+ leather materials; contrast stitching options; and personalizing with the wearer's name on the back heel. RBKCustom provides consumers with the opportunity to customize with features such as heel clips, lace eyelets and sole types.

Word on the street is that they are pretty good shoes.  Now, I don't know who put the word out on the street, but if it was MLB or Reebok, that wouldn't surprise me in the least.  If you want to give it a shot, head on over to RBKCUSTOM and put together your dream pair.  I did go to the site and it didn't load instantaneously for me.  So you may have to be somewhat patient. The shoes did have a nice look in virtual reality and you can adjust colors according to taste. Naturally they are far from free.

Will MLB ever run out of things to license?   One can only hope they do.