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Coaches still not in view

The complete coaching staff for next season has been narrowed down - sort of.

First-base coach Perry Hill is signed through 2007, but he remains in discussions with the team about an extension.

If for some reason Hill does not return, minor league infield coordinator Ed Romero could take over.

For third base and bullpen coach, the Marlins will promote from within. Short-season Class A Jamestown manager Bo Porter will coach third. The bullpen coach likely will come down to Triple-A Albuquerque manager Dean Treanor or Double-A Carolina manager Luis Dorante, who had the job in 2005.

Perry Hill needs to do whatever is best for his family and him.  Hopefully everything at home will be such that returning to the Marlins will be an easy decision.

Promoting within for the other positions, I think, is a good idea.  Given the young age of the Marlins, the ones who may know the players the best are the coaches from the minor leagues.

It should add another level of comfort for the players. Especially since they have yet to experience any consistency in the coaching personnel during their short time the majors.