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Coaches Return

The Marlins have re-signed a couple of coaches for next season.

The Marlins won't need to find a new pitching coach after all.

Rick Kranitz, who guided four rookie starters to double-digit victories in his first year on the job, agreed Friday night to return in 2007.


The Marlins originally offered Kranitz a two-year contract late last week but the two sides could not agree. Moreover, he was curious to see what would happen with former Marlins manager Joe Girardi, who has interviewed for the same position with the Cubs and Nationals.

Kranitz was wanting to go with Girardi but it is looking more likely that Joe won't have a managing job this next season and will be back with the Yankees.

With that as a distinct possibility Kranitz decided to take the bird in the hand, instead of door number three.  Yes, I love to mix metaphors.

But he isn't the only coach returning, at this point.

Jim Presley will return for a second season as Marlins hitting coach.

The return of Karnitz and Presley I see as only a good thing.  It will give some stability to the organization at the coaching position which should be beneficial to many of the players as they start their sophomore season.