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Possible Snow Game Today

They don't happen often this time of year but the two AL teams may be playing in the snow.

Welcome to baseball's winter wonderland, a.k.a. Game 3 of the AL championship series, where the forecast is calling for fastballs, curveballs and ... snowballs.


"It's definitely not going to be baseball weather tomorrow," said Dave Gurney of the National Weather Service in Michigan. "Around 45 degrees, wind gusts up to 35 mph and some snow showers."

Detroit set a record for its earliest measured snow, breaking by one day the mark set on Oct. 13, 1909. The Tigers, coincidentally, played a World Series game on that afternoon, with Ty Cobb getting a hit and scoring a run in an 8-4 loss at Pittsburgh.

Now to bring in the connection to the Marlins.  After all, that is what this blog is about.

Leyland has experience in these conditions. He managed Florida in 1997 and, with many experts predicting his Marlins would become frozen fish in the World Series, they won a key game in the snow at Cleveland.

"I've been through this situation before," he said.

If you have never played baseball in, what I would categorize as, extreme cold weather with a wooden bat - count yourselves lucky.  Unfortunately, I have.

Unless you hit the ball on the sweet spot on the bat, your hands sting from the ringing of the bat.  The ball becomes very slick, thus making it hard to grip for any type of throw.  It is just plain miserable.

It has always amazed me how the professionals can play a game in such adverse conditions and still perform at near their normal level.

If it wasn't the playoffs, now would be a good time to fake a slight injury to take yourself out of the lineup.  But it is the playoffs and sitting on the bench is an unthinkable option.

Given the geographical location of the remaining teams in the hunt for the ultimate championship - it may be cold weather games from here on out.

As Dr F said: check the Weather Channel - it is an important source for your baseball news.