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The Marlins may get Hairy - Sort of

Gonzalez is abandoning the military rules of the former manager.  There is a new dress code in town.

Old manager Joe Girardi prohibited it. New manager Fredi Gonzalez is permitting it. The question becomes: can any of the puberulent Marlins grow it?

''Some of these guys it might take eight months just to grow a mustache,'' said Gonzalez, who is lifting the ban on facial hair, a restriction Girardi put in place when he was hired a year ago.


'None of this ZZ Top stuff,'' Gonzalez warned, referring to the long-bearded rockers. ``They have to keep it nice and trim.''

ZZ Top stuff?!?  I'm not sure any present Marlin could pull that off - even if they wanted to.  And the Marlins don't seem to be rockers, but they are salsa dancers and singers.

Also you can look for the Marlins to be sporting somewhat longer hair styles next year.

Gonzalez said he doesn't want to see any long sideburns, or hair extending below the base of the neck in back.

''I'm all for individuality,'' Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said he even plans to grow a short goatee.

''The reason is that's the only place I can grow hair,'' he said. ``I can't grow any on my head.''

If Jason Vargas grows his hair out and once again rediscovers his ability to pitch - then we will know there was a Samson complex at work last year.  And no, I'm not referring to the jerk President of the Marlins.

The only question remaining is will any of the young Fish attempt what may be the near impossible?  Josh Willingham thinks so.

Outfielder Josh Willingham said he expects some Marlins to experiment a little. But he said he is reluctant to make any predictions on what the results will look like.

''I'm sure some people will take advantage of it,'' he said. ``But it'll be patchy, at best, for some of the guys.''

If I may offer a suggestion: guys, if are going to go for it, start early.  Otherwise your next season's baseball card picture is going to look like you're coming off a bender.

And who wants to end up looking like Nick Nolte?