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The AFL is Underway

The Arizona Fall League began yesterday.

If are unfamiliar with the AFL it is where Double-A and Triple-A players go to distinguish themselves against their peers.  It is kind of the best of the best minor leaguers in competition.

It is where Uggla caught the attention of the Marlins scouts last year.  Speaking of which: every team has scouts galore at the games, not mention the plethora of GMs and assistant GMs roaming the stands.

This year the Marlins players are playing for the Peoria Javelinas.  The team is a mixture of players from the Marlins, Braves, Indian, Mariners and Red Sox.

Unsurprisingly, the organization has more pitchers in the league than position players.  The following are the Marlins representatives.


Scott Tyler
Adam Bostick
Scott Neston
Matt Yourkin

Position Players

Brian Cleveland
Gaby Sanchez
Brett Carroll

This year there are four players in the league who were chosen to keep diaries of their experiences.  Gaby Sanchez is one of them.  So if you would like to follow his experiences while he participates in the AFL, all you have to do is click on the link:

Gaby Sanchez Journal

If by chance, you live the area - you really should go out and catch some games.  From my understanding, it is a fun experience and a good time is had by all.