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The Great Portland Threat

So our favorite fellows are out touring Portland today.  I am sure they will have a great time out there.  

Does ANYONE actually expect them to have any success?  

Even in Portland, where you might expect them to be looking at it with rose-colored glasses, they are not very positive about this thing.  I especially liked this bit -

A lot of people want major league baseball to relocate to Portland. But I couldn't find those people at say, noon, on a regular day, near any of the two proposed sites. It got so bad, a homeless man wearing a long denim skirt nearly took a swing at me when I asked him how he felt about major league baseball.

"I don't need baseball," he said. "What I need is a dollar."


I'm not sure where this whole thing is headed, and I really do hate to keep sounding like some crazy prophet of doom-type, but...

Is there NOWHERE they can move to?  Can they REALLY not stay in South Florida?  

What's the only option left, then?

C'mon, Mike - let's get the contraction draft poll set up!