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Dillon Officially a Giant

Joe Dillon has signed with his new team.

The Yomiuri Giants on Thursday announced the acquisition of infielder Joe Dillon, who made his major league debut with the Florida Marlins in 2005. Dillon, 30, has signed a one-year contract worth 60 million yen and is scheduled to come to Japan in late January.

So, how did Joe do?  Reaching for my handy currency conversion calculator and plugging in: 60 million yen.  Joe will be taking home $ 517,174.48, if he were paid the full contract today.  

Good luck Joe!  

In other news about Ex-Marlins:

Former Marlins infielder Mike Mordecai will not return to the organization's minor-league system this summer...

The article didn't give a reason why he wouldn't be returning - it just made the above statement. Your guess is as good as mine.