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Dontrelle is Going to Need a Bigger Mantle

On Saturday in Kansas City, Dontrelle will be given yet another richly deserved mantle piece.

In the beginning, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum was lucky to get one or maybe two award recipients to collect its hardware in person.

Now, with the sixth annual Legacy Awards banquet coming up on Saturday night, it's the thing to do for Major League honorees.

Dontrelle Willis of the Florida Marlins, Derrek Lee of the Chicago Cubs and Michael Young of the Texas Rangers are among the award winners scheduled to be at the Gem Theater in Kansas City.

He will be collecting:

The Satchel Paige Award: Presented to the NL and AL "Pitchers of the Year"
2005 Recipients: Willis, Florida Marlins and Johan Santana, Minnesota Twins

If you happen to be in Kansas City on Saturday and would like to attend the ceremony, call (816) 221-1920 for ticket availability.

I have no idea whether food will be served at the event or not.  But if it isn't and you are a carnivore, you might find the Plaza III to you liking.  But be sure you have cleared some of the holiday debt off your credit card, 'cause the Plaza III sure ain't free.