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Projected Starters

Given the present rosters, ESPN has projected the starters for every team in the majors:

NL starters and AL starters.

Florida Marlins

C     Miguel Olivo    
1B    Mike Jacobs (r)
2B    Pokey Reese
SS    Hanley Ramirez (r)
3B    Miguel Cabrera
LF    Chris Aguila (r)
CF    Eric Reed (r)
RF    Jeremy Hermida (r)
SP1  Dontrelle Willis
SP2  Brian Moehler
SP3  Sergio Mitre
SP4  Jason Vargas
SP5  Scott Olsen (r)
CL    Joe Borowski

They have the Marlins starting five rookies in the field along with one in the rotation.  If they are correct, and it is doubtful that they are, it's going to be quite an interesting year.  Especially, having three rookie outfielders covering the expansive ground at JRS, a place where veterans have been known to have trouble judging fly balls.  This could put the thrill back into the routine fly.