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Florida Darlins

Alan Schwarz from Baseball America wrote an article for ESPN giving his assessment of the Marlins.  

One part of the piece did cause a bit of concern to me:

(According to sources close to the Marlins, Cabrera is already peeved that the club didn't hire a Latin-American manager or coach; given that he's now the team's best player and will be looked up to by young Latin players such as Ramirez, this gets even more complicated for new manager Joe Girardi.)

This could prove interesting when Draconian Joe meets up with budding prima donna Miguel this season.

But I digress and I am not giving this very snarky article its due.  I recommend reading the whole thing.  It's not necessarily flattering but if you can at least snicker at yourself I think you will enjoy it.

Don't call 'em the Florida Darlins