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As most of you know, Samson and crew were in Hialeah yesterday touring possible sites for a stadium.

We could talk about location or the enthusiasm of Hialeah's city officials but let's face it - it all comes down to funding.

The mayor added he would not support any form of public financing by city taxpayers to fund stadium construction. If Hialeah does not cover a piece of construction costs, however, a significant funding gap would remain.

Samson has said a stadium would cost $430 million if it opens by the team's new target date of 2010. In order for that to happen, the Marlins would need ``to have everything going forward in the next five months.''

I don't see how this is going to be remotely possible.  Assuming the Marlins and the county's contributions are going to remain the same as the Orange Bowl location this isn't going to work.

Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina believes he can find some money in Tallahassee.

''If the deal comes down to it that they've got to be a part of it, you better believe we will be up in Tallahassee to get this done,'' Robaina said.

Samson said the county has discussed pursuing the sales tax rebate again, but would ''want a deal put together before they go back'' to Tallahassee. ''We would not be involved,'' Samson said.

Leaving Samson at home will probably give him a better shot with the state legislature but I sincerely doubt that will be enough to get them to breakout the checkbook.

Though if the funding could be worked out, I do believe one interesting and unique stadium could be built on the grounds of the famous race track.

Especially given the following:

Parts of the storied race track are listed on the National Register for Historic Places, which protects it from renovations.

Having to incorporate the old with the new would make for a very appealing look.  Unfortunately I can't see it happening.

CapeFish has a lot of links about the possible locations in Hialeah.