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The Miracle of Alcohol

I think that, if nothing else, over the past year we have proven that we are quite capable of our fair share or drinking over here at Fishstripes.  I know some of us imbibe on occasion, (some more than others - jrfelix, I'm looking in your direction) and I think everyone enjoys a nice tasty beverage now and then, no?  One might even call it our real raison d'etre here.  Well... if one were a pretentious bastard.

I just got to thinking about the upcoming season and how much scotch that is going to take to get us through - and lordy-BE!  The alcohol industry better send Samson a nice fruit basket or something, because I, for one, will be drinking a river after, during... and hell - before! - games this season.  When I read articles like this one and quotes like this -

Just about every relief job is on the line, from closer to setup roles. Joe Borowski is the front-runner to close, but he must win the job. Several non-roster invitees, including Matt Herges and Kerry Ligtenberg, are expected to compete for setup roles.

I think two things -

  1. How the HELL am I going to survive that?  Last year nearly killed me and that bullpen was better than this, although I didn't think that was possible!  Oh lord...
  2. I need to invest in Johnnie Walker.