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Jack has Company

The waiting room at 100 Main Street in Cincinnati, OH may contain some individuals who require no introduction to each other.

Marlins assistant general manager Michael Hill and vice president of player personnel Dan Jennings both are believed to be on the Reds' radar. New Reds owner Bob Castellini hopes to interview six to eight candidates.

Of the six to eight candidates for the job as the new Reds GM nearly half will likely come from the Marlins organization.

Michael Hill has been assistant general manager for the Marlins since 2002.

Bringing in Hill, an African-American, would satisfy Major League Baseball's mandate for teams to interview minority candidates for managerial and front-office positions. The Reds' interest in him should go far beyond that as Hill was born and raised in Cincinnati, is a Harvard graduate and bilingual.

I certainly hope that the Reds possible interest in Hill is more than filling a quota and avoiding a potential fine.  There is no reason why he wouldn't be an excellent GM and he deserves more than a courtesy, cya, interview .  

Dan Jennings has an anonymous supporter in the baseball community.

One source with a highly successful baseball background said Castellini should hire Florida vice president of player personnel Dan Jennings.

"He isn't the GM, but he runs the show in Florida," said the source, who is not associated with the Marlins but still is in baseball.

I know Dan is doing a good job for us but it is news to me that he runs the show.

Then again, I haven't exactly been invited to sit in on the front office meetings.  He may run the show for all I know.

I'm sure either one of the two men listed above would do an excellent job and would be a fine choice for the Reds.  But with that said, I still favor Jack and if no other reason than the one that was stated so eloquently by Mike in the comments yesterday.