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Marlins Employee Considered for GM Job

As many of you know, the Cincinnati Reds fired their GM, Dan O'Brien, yesterday.  Leaving a GM position open in MLB.  Now I know what you're thinking - Oh great, another post about Beinfest looking for a way out of here.  Not exactly.

Names surfacing immediately included Brad Kullman, Wayne Krivsky, Gary Hughes, Jack McKeon and Michael Hill, among others.

Jack may get the chance to revive the moniker he worked so hard to earn in San Diego:  Trader Jack.  Most of you know that Jack has a history with the Cincinnati organization, but the part I highlighted in bold had slipped my mind.

McKeon, another baseball lifer, served as Reds manager from mid-1997 through the 2000 season and the Reds finished second his last two years. In 1999 the team came within one game of winning the National League Central title, then lost a one-game playoff with the New York Mets for the wild card spot.


McKeon left after 2000 over a salary dispute and the Reds haven't had a winning season since.

That should look pretty good in the work experience part of the job application.  Not to mention, that managing the team that won the World Series in 2003 thing.