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Hangover Square

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I'm still not feeling too good from the other day - so you will take what you can get this morning...

Since there seems to be little to talk about in Marlins news and and we pretty much covered the wonders of Dontrelle, the World Baseball Classic and the general fans perspective last week - what does that leave us?

That's right - Spring Training!

This year's spring training figures to be an amazingly exciting time for the Marlins as we try and figure out WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO PLAY EVERY SINGLE POSITION!!!!

Well... I guess we got third base covered...


Is anything else definite?  Maybe first... although that looks like a platoon... I guess Hermida is solid in right...

What a mess!  Spring training will be SO much fun this year!  Get to as MANY games as you can!  Although - I guess, the rest of the season might not look too much different, so what's the rush, eh?

I suppose our friend Mike will try and make it out for the annual Canes game.  We'll expect a full report, there, if that is the case.  Hopefully Dontrelle will fare better this year than he did last... (what a fun story to link to!)

That's all I got.  You'll take it and you'll like it, jerks!  Feel free to comment - or not.  I don't care. I need to sleep...