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Playing Catchup

Why is it, that every time I say the word catchup I think of the vaudevillian joke told by the character Mia Wallace in the movie Pulp Fiction?

It's time to bring somethings, that you may already know, out of the comments and other places so that they are presented on the main page.

First on the list:  The Hialeah rumor was partially true, in that, the Marlins are looking at it as one of their options.  But the financing of the stadium is not close to being worked out.

The mayor of Hialeah, Julio Robaina, made a statement that elicits some concern about the city being a viable option.

"The county will have to be involved. The state will have to play a role in this," Robaina said. "And I think professional baseball will eventually have to be part of the formula."

I think the county can be brought on board but I don't see the state having a change of heart.  And if MLB has to be a part of the financing you can forget it - that is never going to happen.  Not that they shouldn't, other sports do it, but MLB is too busy counting their money generated from their website to care about a franchise.  Heck, that don't even seem willing to help the Nationals and they own them.

Second:  Charlotte is going to consider an ambitious proposal that, if implemented, could attract a major league team.  Of course, that may be 10 years from now but hey, they're giving it a shot.

Photi at Fish Chunks has all the links.  So head over there and read all about it.

Third:  Dontrelle was in Guthrie, Oklahoma yesterday picking up yet another award - he won the Warren Spahn Award for the best left-handed pitcher in baseball.  How does he get through the airport metal detectors in order to fly home?  

Finally:  I would like to thank Mike for giving everyone a glimpse of our hardworking team in a high level research meeting at FishStripes World Headquarters.  I believe that video gave some insight into the tireless and dedicated effort we put forth in order to bring you this site.  The next commercial we do guys, I promise we will get paid.