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The Calendar

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Apparently I didn't have a wild enough (at least by Wiggins' standards) of a New Year's Eve (although I did have a really good one) as I was pretty coherent yesterday. I was even able to get up and about some -- as early as mid-afternoon.

I kid you not, but at one point during the day I found myself at Office Depot (or some store like that -- they all have different names, but I can never tell them apart). For whatever reason I had convinced myself that I needed to buy labels, "good" paper clips, and index cards. It took me awhile (after much searching for other signs of life in the store) to be sure that the store was actually open. For a few minutes I was worried that I'd broken into the store by accident. I'd pretty much taken a full lap around the store before I found another living soul (a store employee). The place was eerily quiet and flat out empty.

Anyways, there is a baseball tie in to this little story... while I was there, shopping away, I came across a 2006 Florida Marlins calendar. The cover alone struck me as funny, as three of the four pictured players are no longer members of the team. On the back cover, you can see the players who grace the calendar each month. Other than Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera, Brian "Return to Prominence" Moehler is the only other current member of the team who is on the calendar. Don't get me wrong, I know that we here at FishStripes love Big Moe. It still just strikes me as odd/funny that there are about as many Red Sox and Mets in the Marlins calendar as there are Marlins. This has been quite an offseason.

I'm done stating the obvious for now. I'll go back into Bolivia.

And so ends my not-funny story about spending New Year's Day in an Office Depot looking for "good" paper clips, while only finding a "Marlins" calendar.