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Fan Stories

Not much happening of any interest around Marlin-land today.  Anyone got any good stories to tell?

They don't necessarily have to do with games you attended, but maybe just experiences as fans of the game.  Interactions with players, games that meant a lot to you, a signed baseball card that you still keep by your bedside (you baby), etc.  

This one has long been a favorite of mine (although I wasn't there), and since college ball is starting soon I remembered about it the other day.  (Mike - try not to take the crack about Miami too personally, eh?)  

Since people have been talking about Cal Ripken recently (with all the hall talk and him being eligible next year), maybe I'll share a surreal moment that I remember because of him.  

I went to one of the games at Camden Yards a couple of days before he broke the streak record (and while I don't think it was the greatest thing ever, I am not one of those who think it was completely meaningless, either...) - you know, when they were unveiling the numbers on the warehouse as each game got official?  Well - for each game when it became official they gave Cal a cheer, and as it got closer to the streak it got longer and by the time I got there it was about five minutes!  Can you imagine?  They stopped the middle of the game for no reason other than it had just became official and Cal had played!  It didn't break any record - it just got him closer!  But every day for weeks they stopped the game and cheered like mad, and he had to stand out there and wave and try and remember he was playing a game (as did all the other players)!  

What a bizarre experience.  

I am not saying this was my best baseball experience, just bizarre and notable.  anyone else got some random stuff they want to drop on us?  Fill up the comments, boys and girls.  It's a holiday!