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Flotsam and Jetsam

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Since it's Friday and we haven't done this in quite awhile, it's time for "Flotsam and Jetsam".

First up is Marc over at Beyond the Boxscore.  He has a Sabermetrics look at the HOF voting.  If Sabermetrics are your thing give it a look, it is very interesting.

He also has an update:  Go here.

Second in the order belongs to Photi.  I saw this information referenced a couple of places but who would I choose other than our good friend at Fish Chunks.

Larry Beinfest is still looking for bigger and brighter opportunities.

(Hint:  It's in the Buzz section)

And batting cleanup,  you just knew it had to happen.

So many athletes date celebrities (or Playmates, or fellow athletes) that the time has finally arrived: SPiN is going to let you, the reader, determine which professional athlete has the hottest significant other.

Needless to say, go vote for Misty May.

I know I did.

I'm starting to understand why I don't run this feature very often on Fridays.

Oh, by the way, Happy Friday the 13th.