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Jeremy Hermida: If this is his official site, he's my new hero

I'm not sure if this is Jeremy Hermida's official website, but given the URL, it sure seems like it could be. Thanks to our good friends over at Fish Chunks (who found the site courtesy of our friend at Deep Fried Fish), I found Jeremy earlier today.

Check out the site. It proclaims Hermida as the future 2006 Rookie of the Year. Better than that, Hermida's 2006 line is even projected on the front page:

AVG: .290+
HRs: 25+
SBs: 25+
OBP: .400+
SLG: .450+
OPS: .850+
ABs: 550+

Those numbers, particularly considering the "protection" he's likely to get this season, certainly don't suck.

When you visit Hermida's site, you can even participate in their forums, which include thrilling topics like "Hermida = LOCK FOR ROY". I hope they're right (whoever these people are that run the site), but they sure are optimistic.