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Let's Shock the World

Just a quick rant here -

I was just looking over at (why, I am not sure...) and they now have this lovely article up for the upcoming season, asking 20 general questions for 2006.  It is basically useless, and asks a lot of really dumb things like "Is it the Cubs' turn?" - "Can Josh Beckett pitch 200 innings?"  - ummmm... "No" to both. Thanks for asking.

But my favorite, obviously, was this  -

10. Will the Marlins shock the world again?

Excuse me?


I'M shocked by the question!  What the hell do you mean?  The rest of the text isn't even very helpful -

That phrase was last uttered while they were winning it all in 2003. This is a team that has been through a housecleaning before, and they have a whole new look in 2006. Gone are Juan Pierre, Mike Lowell, Luis Castillo, A.J. Burnett and Paul Lo Duca. Even Jack McKeon is gone in the dugout, replaced by manager Joe Girardi. Dontrelle Willis led the Majors with 22 wins in 2005 and he's back. Somehow, this franchise has seemed to thrive when others have completely written them off.

How, exactly, do they think the Marlins will "thrive" this year?  Who are they going to shock - the people who think they will lose all 162 games?  

While I understand that it is not necessarily all doom and gloom for the future (assuming they don't get contracted), there is NO WAY this team is going to do anything but suck this year!  I am just absolutely bewildered by this.  

However... I don't think we should allow that to stop us from making this our rallying cry for the year.  Maybe we'll get through it with the help of our good friend irony.  Come join me and let's say it all together -

"Let's shock the world!"  

Yeah - Let's shock the world, baby.