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Cabrera's Scuffle: Part II

Miguel Cabrera's agent responded to the talk about the alleged fight Cabrera was involved in at a Venezuelean night club recently. The agent denies any wrongdoing on Cabrera's part.

Unfortunately for us, this article seems to have been written in English, so it's a less entertaining read than the original story.

This quote throws me a little though:

"...and Miguel wanted to go home," Mota said. "He's very upset he has to deal with this. Miguel is playing ball. He's in the (Caribbean winter league) playoffs. This is a distraction he does not want."

If Miguel is so worried about contributing to his winter league team's playoff push, maybe he shouldn't be out a club until five in the morning. Just a thought. Wiggins can tell you how that burning the candle at both ends strategy works out in the long run.