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World Baseball Classic - Random Notes

I'm trying to get excited about this thing -  like Dex.  Really I am.  And when it was first announced I was...  However, I can't help feel like the whole thing is just gonna wind up being a farce.  MLB seems like they can screw up just about anything and I just can't take it seriously in the slightest yet.  Oh well.  

Maybe they will prove me wrong.  Maybe Dex is right and it will be completely awesome.

However - I was looking at the Rosters and was highly amused by a couple of things.  First - the number of former Marlins littered about who are still free agents and are listed under "FLA" as their "Last MLB Club" is both humorous and disturbing.  Quantrill, Alfonseca and Valdez - Mmmmmm... quality....

While I was not surprised to see Dontrelle playing for the US team, I WAS surprised to see Cabrera not on the Venezuela team - I guess he's got something better to do?  Anyone know what's up with that?

And last, but definitely not least - check right above the United States team list for a treat.

That's right.  Marco Scutaro - Unaffiliated.

Ouch!  How does that even happen?!?!?  How can you be IN the WBC and not have a country to play for?  Or is this like elementary school and they are still picking teams and now they are fighting over who has to take him?  

That's rough, man.

I just want to give a shout out to all the Marco Scutaro's of the world - we're with you, man.

We're with you.