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Gathright Still on Radar

Barry Jackson reports that the Marlins are still looking to acquire Joey Gathright from the Devil Rays:

The Marlins, whose center field options include Chris Aguila and Eric Reed, continue speaking with Tampa Bay about trading pitching prospects for Joey Gathright (.276, 20 steals), an opposing GM said.

The Marlins clearly value speed, so in that sense, it's not a surprise that they're interested in Gathright, who may be the fastest player in baseball. But giving up pitching prospects for him sounds pretty rich to me. We all know that the Marlins aren't going to contend for a playoff spot this season. In the coming years, when they are in the hunt, they're going to need pitching. Given the Marlins recent ability to develop young pitchers, I'd hate to give up on a premium arm (let alone multiple) in order to add some speed and stolen bases to the 2006 lineup.

That said, adding a grown man named Joey to the lineup would be a welcome addition to the colorful assortment of first names on this ballclub (including Dontrelle, Pokey, Anibal, Logan, Yusmeiro, Renyel, Alfredo, and Reggie).