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Dawson Nearly Earns Enshrinement

While most folks won't remember Andre Dawson as a Marlin (I suspect that people think of him as either an Expo or a Cub), The Hawk nearly earned induction into the Hall of Fame today. He received 61% of the vote (to be enshrined, you need 75% of the vote).

Bruce Sutter is the only player who will be enshrined this year (at least based on the media's vote). While Sutter is deserving of the honor, I had thought that Bert Blyleven and Dawson would be joining Sutter in Cooperstown come July.

I always remember thinking that Dawson made the bat he held look small. Dawson brought power to the plate, speed to the basepaths, and a rifle of an arm to the outfield. For those of you who are too young to remember his exploits, in many ways, he was like Vladimir Guerrero.

Dawson is one of four major leaguers to accumulate 300 homers and 300 stolen bases in his career.

While The Hawk played only briefly with the Fish, he has been in the Marlins front office since his retirement. Dawson's title is "Special Assistant to the President." I guess that means he works pretty closely with David Samson. Putting up with that has to be worth at least a couple votes--or something else significant. I'll leave it at that.

This year isn't the year, but maybe some time soon Dawson will go into the Hall. If he does, he'll likely be (depending on when it happens) the first player with a Marlins' connection to be enshrined.

As even more of connection to Florida and Miami, Dawson was born in Miami, attended FAMU, and played his last game (at which time he was a Marlin) at JRS.