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Things You Don't Care About

I found these while surfing the web this week.  I thought I would pass them on and if they are ever the answer to the final Jeopardy question you will thank me.

The payroll software the Marlins use is Ultimate Software it is also used by the New York Yankees.  prnewswire

Matt Treanor while in the Minors worked at Disneyland when he wasn't playing baseball.  Maine Today

It didn't say what his job entailed so I will leave that for your specualtion.

And finally, I am sure everyone has seen the Ford commercial, Ride it Like a Ford, the long version is a favorite of mine.  This came to my attention.

JenCarlos Canela, a 17-year-old up-and-coming local artist who attends the New World School of the Arts, wrote the melody and lyrics and performs in the new "Ride it Like a Ford" music video commercials. The campaign was produced in both English and Spanish and is currently airing on media outlets in the tri-country and Fort Myers/Naples area.

And that ends, Things You Don't Care About.

Hey, give me a break, at least I haven't resorted to Friday Cat Blogging, Yet.