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The Todd Jones Routine

Good closers and possibly bad ones have a routine they go through on the day of the game. Trevor Hoffman's has been well documented.  Tony Gwynn has mentioned it on several broadcasts.  

Since it appears that Craig Minervini isn't going to get around to covering Todd's I thought I would, or more accurately, relay on what Slam! Sports reported.  If you have seen this somewhere else feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

Florida Marlins closer Todd Jones puts in a full day at work, even though he rarely pitches more than one inning.

Arriving at the clubhouse before many of his teammates, Jones heads to the empty parking lot for a lap around the stadium, jogging the 3.5 kilometres in South Florida's 32 C summer sunshine to help stay in shape.

Seven or eight hours later he's on the mound, savouring a season that has surprised even him.

"It's kind of like when I'm out there, I deserve it, because I was out there in the parking lot running," Jones says. "You know what I mean?"
After taking his lap around the stadium, he prepares for each game by studying copious notes he keeps on hitters.

"His preparation is the best I've ever seen by a reliever," says McKeon, whose career in professional baseball began in 1949. "He has an idea when he's coming in in the ninth inning who he's going to have to face, and he has a game plan. He wants to prolong his career, and he studies. I wish some of these other guys would be as dedicated in preparing as he is."

Hey, I've got an idea, Todd why don't you invite Guillermo, Ron, Antonio, Randy and anyone else you can find in the bullpen to jog with you. Afterwards you could lead a study session, it couldn't hurt.

Failing that, if you get out to the park insanely early you can jog with Todd but be forewarned if you mess up his mojo this may be a ban-able offense.