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Some Odds and Some Ends

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Major League Baseball is putting out a DVD chronicling power pitchers in the game.  The DVD will include two Marlins pitchers and a former Marlins pitcher.

Pure Heat: Ultimate MLB Flamethrowers examines the careers of some of the greatest hard-throwing pitchers past and present including Roger Clemens, Bob Feller, Eric Gagne, Bob Gibson, Randy Johnson, Walter Johnson, Sandy Koufax, Pedro Martinez, Mariano Rivera, Nolan Ryan, Johan Santana and Curt Schilling. The DVD showcases power pitching teammates including the Chicago Cubs Mark Prior and Kerry Wood; Josh Beckett, A.J. Burnett and Dontrelle Willis of the Florida Marlins; and perhaps the greatest tandem of power pitchers ever assembled on one team, former Arizona Diamondbacks Johnson and Schilling. The DVD also contains a profile of New York Mets ace Martinez, who brings the heat in spite of his small stature. In addition, legendary hurlers Clemens and Ryan provide an inside look at the mechanics involved in power pitching.

The DVD will go on sell Oct. 11, 2005 and can be purchased for $19.98 at

If you end up seeing a never ending string of ads for this DVD during the playoffs I apologize for wasting your time now.  

Now for the odds.

There are many reasons to vote for Chris Carpenter for the Cy Young Award.  But Hal Bodley of, who actually has a vote, gives the most brain-dead one I have ever heard.

Carpenter is 21-5, with 213 strikeouts and just 51 walks in 241 2/3 innings with a 2.83 ERA. He gets the vote because without him the Cardinals wouldn't have been the first team to clinch a division title this year.

You have to be kidding me, because they were the first team to clinch.  Look, if you want to vote for Chris Carpenter because he's had a great season and is on a very good team, then fine, do it.  I wouldn't, but your choice is then understandable.  Just don't give me some lame, sorry reason about, They clinched first, Jeez.