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Sad Stuff From Around the Clubhouse

There's not much good news to report from Marlin-land of late. But there is a lot of juicy gossip and negativity. Some of the "highlights":

  • The team had a closed-door, players-only meeting for ten minutes before last night's game. Miguel Cabrera was apparently a hot topic.
  • In a related story, Cabrera denies that such a meeting was necessary. Or at least that it was necessary because he said negative things about his teammates.
  • Alex Gonzalez is having surgery today (to remove bone chips). While this isn't good news for the Marlins, it may push down his asking price, which could potentially make him affordable for the Marlins next year.
  • Juan Rodriguez loves big man-hands. Keep it to yourself Juan.
  • The two rain delays last night (one before the first pitch and the other in the sixth) may have been the Marlins shortest rain delays of the year. I'm not going to look it up or anything, but usually the rain delays are a half hour. The two we had last night barely totalled to that length.
I'll close with a happy picture:

And one last picture. Here are Frank Robinson and Jack McKeon on the field before last night's game. Their futures are uncertain, although both write their own tickets at this point. But these men are two legends in the game. Jack is well known as a manager and a general manager. And he will always have a World Series title to his credit. Frank Robinson (F-Robby) would be in the Hall of Fame of Hall of Famers. It's a very short list of ballplayers who were his equal. Take a moment this weekend to enjoy what could be our last chance to see these guys in uniform: