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Off-Day Open Thread

The Marlins don't play today. It's their last off day of the year.

Despite that, there's plenty of good action around baseball today/tonight, including many games with playoff implications:

White Sox at Tigers (1:05) - Sox win, and clinch the AL Central
Blue Jays at Red Sox (7:05)
Yankees at Orioles (7:05)
Cubs at Astros (8:05)

Feel free to comment away about today's games, the Marlins, and/or just about anything else.

UPDATE: Deadspin is naming their top blogs for each team in baseball. Today they looked at the Marlins. While they didn't have much nice to say about the Marlins franchise, they had some very kind words about FishStripes.

A big thank you to Deadspin and to all of our readers, commenters, emailers, lurkers, etc! Depsite the disappointment on the field this year, we've had a lot of fun on the site.

If you just found your way here for the first time from Deadspin (or wherever), stick around and we'll try not to suck (the blog - not the team. We have no control over the team).

SECOND UPDATE: Given the traffic we'll probably get today from Deadspin and since most of today's (non-gameday) content is buried in the comments here, I've removed the Brian Giles kissing stuff - especially where we tried to compare my kissing to Mr. Giles'. Needless to say it was neither fun nor funny.

That aside, please read the comments today, as there's actually some content in there.