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Playing Out the String

Do we need a venting thread? This can be it.

Last night's loss was depressing. Not only did it officially eliminate the Marlins from playoff contention, but it also (likely) put a nail in the coffin for Dontrelle's Cy Young chances.

This has been a frustrating year for the Marlins. We've discussed that all year long. For every tremendous individual season (Willis, Cabrera, Delgado, Jones, and Encarnacion that a Marlin has had, there's been a disappointing (Lowell and Pierre) and/or injury-riddled (Castillo, Gonzalez, and LoDuca) campaign.

At times the Fish have hit well and scored runs. But those have been the times when the pitching went missing. At other times, the pitching was outstanding. Complete games and shutouts were in abundance. Unfortunately, those times were also when the Fish seemed to leave their bats behind.

There are four games left. The Fish will fight the rest of the way to stay out of the cellar. They could finish as high as third, or as low as 5th.

The playoffs are still ahead of us. That's something to look forward to. Even if you're down on the Marlins, take advantage of the playoffs; the playoffs are the last baseball you'll get to see until Spring Training (unless you live in the Caribbean and get to see winter ball).

Feel free to vent away.