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Cabrera Benched

Could it get any crappier, you bet.  Miguel Cabrera was benched for disciplinary reasons last night.  It seems he has a little trouble showing up on time.

Monday's game also was played without superstar Miguel Cabrera, who was benched for one game for what McKeon called "club discipline." The team would not reveal the specific infraction that led to Cabrera's benching. Cabrera, though, was not on the team bus when it left the hotel Sunday in Atlanta and arrived late to the stadium.


Cabrera's tardiness Sunday was another example of his behavior that has angered management. Typically one of the last to arrive in the clubhouse each day, Cabrera did not show up for treatment Thursday in New York after fouling the ball off his knee the previous night and he upset teammates and club officials by declining to shag balls during batting practice.

McKeon said he has met with Cabrera about his approach to the game.

"He's a good kid," McKeon said. "He's going to be fine.... Sometimes you get a little lax and you've got to sit them down."

I hope the talk took because this is a problem I have seen before with other young talented players.  If it is not nipped in the bud it can lead to behaviors that can become career damaging and no one wants that.

What a finish.  So when does the off-season begin?

Oh, speaking of the off-season, the Marlins young up-and-comers in the Arizona Fall League will be playing for the Grand Canyon Rafters.

So if you get a chance, check them out.  Mike can tell you about the fun of watching the Fall League.