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AJ is Sent to the House

Could this stretch drive get any crappier?  A.J. has worn out his welcome with the club and was basically told not to let door hit him on the butt on his way out.

MIAMI GARDENS -- A.J. Burnett not only has thrown his last pitch for the Florida Marlins, but he's worn the uniform for the last time.

A day after blasting the team, Burnett was dismissed from the team Monday and was advised the Marlins would not offer the free-agent-to-be pitcher a contract.

"In the best interest of the team and A.J., he was asked to leave the team and he has done so," General Manager Larry Beinfest said following the Marlins 4-0 loss to the Nationals. "Furthermore, no multiyear contract will be offered to A.J."


This is something A.J. has to fix," veteran Lenny Harris said. "You have to talk to people individually; you don't just bring down the ship like that. He buried everybody."


One source said entering the season he could have been the most attractive free-agent pitcher on the market. "Not now," said the source.

So is A.J. going to find his options very limited in the off season?  Will there be any suitors for the young man's talents?

Apparently there will be.

Florida Marlins right-hander A.J. Burnett, perhaps the most talented pitcher available on the free agent market in this coming offseason, said Monday he would strongly consider signing with the Washington Nationals.


The Nationals are likely to pursue two starters, and Burnett and Cleveland's Kevin Millwood (9-11, 2.92) are strong candidates if the current management structure stays in place.

I truly do wish A.J. well and I hope it all works out for him but I have seen enough.