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The Weekend that Was(n't) and The Final Week

While the Marlins aren't mathematically eliminated from the Wild Card race yet, they're effectively out of it. With six games left to play, they're five games back of Houston. The Fish would need both the Astros and the Phillies to lose nearly all of their remaining games. Given how well both of those teams have been playing of late, that's probably too much to hope for.

But all is not lost. Dontrelle Willis still has one, and probably two, starts left to "state" his Cy Young case. We still have a week left to watch some future Marlins (Vargas, Johnson, Andino, Wilson, Hermida, and Willingham) on display. There's also still baseball to be played. In another month or two, you'll be wishing that's the case, so enjoy what we have while we have it.

Around the league, it's amazing how many races are left. Both the AL East and Central are still up for grabs, and with the A's and Angels playing each other next weekend, the West is still somewhat up for discussion. In addition, the Wild Card races in both leagues could still go a number of ways. This should be a great final week of the baseball season. Division titles and Wild Card berths will be decided. MVP, Cy Young, Manager, and Rookie of the Year awards will be won (and/or lost).

Don't give up just because the Marlins are pretty much out of it.