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One Down Nine To Go

I didn't get to see very much of the Marlins-Mets series.  One inning last night and two innings on Tuesday.  I did get to see the box scores and read Mike's post yesterday about the lineup and one thought came to mind, a Simpsons episode. (okay, so my mind always goes to a Simpsons episode, so what)  Anyway, it's the one where Mr. Burns makes a bet on the company's softball team and then loads the team with Major League Players.

He is telling Smithers as he fills out the lineup card:

Smithers there's no way I can lose this bet.  

Unless of course my nine all-stars fall victim to nine separate misfortunes and are unable to play tomorrow.  

But that will never happen, three misfortunes, that's possible.  

Seven misfortunes, there's an outside chance.

But NINE misfortunes, I would like to see that.

Funny how real life sometimes resembles fiction.

Now all the team has to do is sweep Atlanta on the road, win three from the Washington at home and sweep Atlanta at home and they're home free, maybe. I suppose weirder things have happened though none come to mind at the present.

Tonight, the hunt continues with nine to go and the Marlins have Homer at the bat.